About Our Town

Our Town Chapel Hill began as a website to bring together a group of interested citizens during the Central West Planning process in 2013.  Many citizens involved in planning the undeveloped properties along Estes Drive felt the town staff were unresponsive to our concerns. The town asked for input but never tracked any of the comments made during the process.

In 2014, residents of  Central West joined with those opposing the poorly thought out form based code for Ephesus Fordham to form an advocacy group called Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town (CHALT).

After a number of open citizen meetings, CHALT hammered out a  list of goals that would help us work toward electing a town council who believed in achieving a livable town.  In 2015 we endorsed 3 successful candidates:  Pam Hemminger as Mayor, and Nancy Oates and Jessica Anderson as Council members.

Between elections, we’ve continued holding educational forums, attending council and advisory board meetings, and pressing for beneficial policies for our town. We are very proud of the track record we have achieved the first several years .  See list of achievements.

This past fall, CHALT endorsed Mayor Hemminger, and four candidates for council, all of whom were elected on November 7th, 2017.  Please see the transparent process here we followed to make our endorsements. We were thrilled with the election results and look forward to working with the new Town Council.

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