Financial Support and Reporting

In February 2015, prior to the announcement of candidates for public office in Chapel Hill, the Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town formed a political action committee as a separate entity from CHALT. The PAC consisted of three members:  a treasurer, an assistant treasurer, and a custodian of books.  The political action committee’s only function was to raise funds and to make disbursements to support any election activities of CHALT.

We formed CHALT-PAC so that our fund raising activities would be transparent and would comply with North Carolina election law.  The political action committee is registered with the North Carolina State Board of Elections, to whom we have sent the required disclosure reports.  The types of disbursements include (but are not limited to) yard signs, the printing of election materials in support of the CHALT-endorsed candidates, media advertising, meeting room rentals, and refreshments at campaign events.

The contributions, large and small, helped us educate the electorate about the candidates and issues and helped pay for the materials necessary to get the word out. Contributions came solely from Chapel Hill area residents — all with a Chapel Hill zip code. There were no contributions from developers, local organizations, or out of state organizations.

While the CHALT political actions committee is allowed by law to contribute up to $336 to a candidate for Chapel Hill elected office, no such contributions were made to candidates. The contributors are listed in the disclosure reports, which are available on the State Board of Elections website. Click here to go to the website.

CHALT is a grass roots group that came together and developed a platform — over 75 interested citizens participated in forging a consensus document in late 2014. We produce a newsletter with timely essays and comment on local issues, hold public educational forums by noted speakers, all for the purpose of adding thoughtful discourse about the future of our community.

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