Big News on the Legion Property

Exciting News!!  We’ve just learned that the Town intends to purchase in installments the American Legion property if approved at the Town Council meeting Monday night.  This from the Town Clerk:

For your information, the following item is on the Chapel Hill Town Council’s December 5 agenda and [downloadable full PDF version with page numbers]. Please forward to anyone else that may have an interest in this item.

#8.Consider Proposed Town Acquisition of American Legion Property. (R-8)(O-3)(O-4)  Agenda Item #8 (PDF)

PRESENTER: Roger L. Stancil, Town Manager

RECOMMENDATION:  That the Council receive public input and authorize the Manager to sign a contract to purchase the Legion property and execute all the necessary documents needed to complete the acquisition, including the lease of the buildings and surrounding grounds back to the American Legion for three years.

Amy T. Harvey, CMC
Deputy Town Clerk
Communications and Public Affairs
Town of Chapel Hill
405 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
919-969-5013 direct

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