Storage Sheds on Our Northern Entranceway?

Two self-storage buildings are proposed for Chapel Hill’s northern gateway.

The first self storage development, 1165 Weaver Dairy Road, will create a dead zone along the Weaver Dairy Road that would discourage pedestrians. Additionally, because of the number of curb cuts within a short distance (Timberlyne, Banks Drive, 1165 Weaver Dairy Road, Weaver Crossing and cars turning from MLK) will cause serious safety hazards for cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

There is a second proposal for self storage in the area!  This one is for a five story Chapel Hill Self Storage to be built in the undeveloped area in front of the Harris Teeter. This building, if approved, would be the first view that would greet visitors to Chapel Hill as they exit I-40. See link to town website for further information on this application.

Everyone talks about the need to encourage vitality and energy in our commercial areas of town. Why not promote projects for these important locations that serve the needs of the  large number of residents who live in the surrounding neighborhoods? Just because banks are happy to loan money for self-storage facilities, does not mean we should let banks design our town!

We call upon the Town to follow the Northern Small Area Plan already approved.  The Town commissioned a Northern Task Force to develop a Small Area Plan for the northern area of Chapel Hill.  The Plan established recommendations for vibrant, walkable, and pedestrian oriented gateway entrances at Weaver Dairy Road and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Why not follow the plan?

Send your thoughts and comments to members of the Town Council.  The developer is taking the concept to the Town Council on March 14 where council and comments from the public are invited. Agenda items is here.

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