Lower Booker Creek Watershed Study

The Town of Chapel Hill is conducting a series of watershed studies in the Booker Creek Watershed to improve stream health and reduce erosion and the incidence of flooding. The study results will produce a model so town officials can make better decisions about stormwater facilities and development. A paper copy of the report is  in the reference section of the Chapel Hill library. A map of the study area can be viewed here.

The study report is here.

For easier access to this very large file, you can access the report and appendices via Drop Box at these links.



Chapel Hill’s Stormwater Advisory Board will meet in an open public meeting on 6 pm, December 6 at the Town Hall second floor conference room to discuss the recommendations which include replacement infrastructure, stream restoration, and impoundments amounting to nearly 30 million dollars.  The Report will be presented to the Town Council in January.

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