Update on the Elliott Rd. Project

Posted 10/04/14

This article was first published in the CHALT newsletter, October 2014

The East West Partners proposal to Town Planners to build a massive 90-ft. tall building on South Elliott Road is moving along through town staff review. Those that participated in the “walk-about” of the property learned a few new things. See story here. Because of the bare-boned Code passed by the Town Council last May, all the projects within the Epehsus-Fordham zone will receive only a check list review by Town staff.

The Community Design Commission is the only group outside Town staff that will review the plans before the Town Manager approves the project. When the Commission met on September 30, the public and Commission members learned they are severely limited by the adopted Form Based Code to comment on anything other than building elevations that face the street. Projects elements such as parking, outdoor amenity space, recreation space, building placement, and building mass can’t be considered or changed. The Design Commission asked the Developer to consider their suggestions; they will meet again at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, October 28th in Town Hall. For more information on the background on this project see our earlier story here. If future projects are to provide community amenities, then the Town Council must change the Form Based Code.

Proposed Village Plaza

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