Problems at Construction Sites

Pictured is a new stream of muddy runoff full of sediment flowing through a neighborhood from the construction site, Evolve, (formerly Charterwood), located at the intersection of Weaver Dairy Extension and MLK Jr. Blvd.  Despite a court settlement with the developers to ensure that the best stormwater practices would be employed, the stormwater ponds and silt fences are failing on a regular basis during storm events. The results clearly show that the controls are not working.

Engineers and stormwater professionals have known for years that when the natural forest floors are replaced by buildings, roads and parking lots, more water runs off the land at a greater rate. But state of art stormwater facilities can make a difference, and so do regular inspections. Clearly the recurring evidence of sediment traveling off site, shows the construction facilities are not adequate for the job.

To better understand why sediment destroys the stream’s ecological health,  read this explanation here.

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