Who is Running for Local Office?

The next election will be held November 7, 2017. A complete list of candidates for Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and the school board can be found here.

Chapel Hill Mayoral Candidates (1 seat, 1 candidates, 1 write-in candidate)

Pam Hemminger, 57, current Mayor of Chapel Hill, elected for a two year term in 2015; running for a second two-year term

Experience: Chapel Hill mayor, 2015-present; Orange County commissioner, 2008-12; Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education, 2004-08; chair, Upper Neuse River Basin Authority

Eugene Farrar – Write-in Candidate, Retired

Experience: Parks & Recreation board.

Chapel Hill Town Council Candidates (4 seats, 7 candidates)

Allen Buansi, 30, Civil Rights Attorney

Experience: Legal Redress chair, Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP, Policy and field director, Josh Stein Campaign for Attorney General

Hongbin Gu, 49, Faculty, Quantitative Researcher at UNC School of Medicine

Experience: Chapel Hill Environmental Stewardship Advisory Board; organized Chapel Hill LIGHTUP 2017; Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools District Asian American Parents Advisory Board

Ed Harrison, 66, Town Council 2001-present

Experience: Durham Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors, 1990-2001, Metropolitan Planning Organization board member, advocate for environmental protection and highway alternatives

Maria Palmer, 56, Town Council 2013-present

Experience: State Board of Education 1999-2005, Chapel Hill 2020 Task Force

Rachel Schaevitz, 37, Postdoctoral Fellow at Carolina Public Humanities UNC

Experience: Chair, American Legion Task Force; Cultural Arts Commission

Karen Stegman, 48, Director of business development, IntraHealth International

Experience: Chapel Hill Housing Advisory Board, PORCH neighborhood coordinator

Carl Schuler, 49, Clinical Research Associate, Duke University School of Medicine, Duke Clinical Research Institute

Experience: Council candidate in 2011 and 2013; Board of Adjustment; IFC Community House Advisory Committee; IFC Good Neighbor Plan Advisory Committee

Carrboro Mayoral Candidates (1 seat, 2 candidates)

Lydia Lavelle, 56, current Mayor of Carrboro, Associate Law Professor, N.C. Central University

Experience: Mayor of Carrboro, 2013-present; Board of Aldermen, 2007-2013; Various town and regional boards, including Orange County Visitors Bureau Board of Directors

Michael (Mike) Benson, 50, Small Business Owner

Experience: 23-year small business owner, negotiating local licenses, building and operating permits

Carrboro Board of Aldermen (4 seats, 5 candidates)

Paul Clark, 34, Durham Police corporal, Community Resource Unit

Experience: Small business owner, property manager and HOA board

Barbara Foushee, 52, OWASA Board of Directors since 2015; Human Services Advisory Board

Experience: Advocacy and service work with several organizations – Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. and the Community Awareness and Political Action Ministry at First Baptist Church – keeps me grounded and connected with community members on the issues

Jacquelyn Gist, 62, Board of Aldermen, 1989-present, Career Counselor at UNC

Experience: Founding Board of Orange Community Housing Corp. (now Community Home Trust)

Randee Haven O’Donnell, 66, Board of Aldermen, 2005-present

Experience: Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools and county boards, Leadership Triangle alumna

Sammy Slade, 42, Board of Aldermen, 2009-present, Carpenter

Experience: Orange Food Council; Orange County Democratic Party; NC WARN, Community organizer and activist with Carrboro Greenspace

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education (3 seats, 5 candidates)

Joal Hall Broun, 46,Lobbyist Compliance director, N.C. Department of the Secretary of State

Experience: Elected to school board in March 2016, Chapel Hill High School School Improvement Team

James Barrett, 47, School Board 2011-present, current chairman

Experience: Justice United strategy team founding member

Calvin Deutschbein, 24, UNC Doctoral student in computer science

Experience: Westwood precinct secretary, Orange County Democratic Party

Amy Fowler, 48, Pediatrician, Chapel Hill Children’s Clinic

Experience: Chair, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Special Needs Advisory Council

Mary Ann Wolf, 46, Director of Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative, N.C. State University Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
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