Ephesus Fordham Code – quick facts about

               Benefits for a few, costs for the rest of us

 What did we say we wanted in Ephesus-Fordham?

  • Improved traffic flow
  • New Affordable and workforce Housing
  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Expanded shopping opportunities
  • Less flooding
  • More public green space and recreation areas
  • Attractive, human scale urban design (i.e., 2-4 story buildings)
  • New tax revenues that exceed new costs i.e. office, retail,and light industrial

What are we getting?

  • Thousands of new vehicles with inadequate public transit and parking = more congestion
  • Net loss of affordable and workforce housing (possible net loss of 100 units)
  • Old basic conventional energy standards that cost more to build and operate
  • Loss of locally owned small businesses, e.g. Plaza Dry Cleaners, Yarns Etc., BP station, Eastgate Barber shop, Evo, BestBuy Mobile, Eco-Design Architect
  • Continued more serious flooding
  • No new public green space or recreation areas
  • Seven story buildings permitted in most of the district
  • Non-existent urban design yields unattractive new buildings
  • Increased taxes, because the costs of the redevelopment will exceed the new revenues. (Upscale residential apartment not what we need.)

What are the landowners and real estate developers getting?

  • Millions of dollars worth of new land entitlements, courtesy of Mark Kleinschmidt, Lee Storrow, and Donna Bell (along with incumbents Sally Greene, George Cianciolo).

What can we do now that it is passed?

  • Write to our elected officials and ask them to fix the Ephesus-Fordham zoning code; it can be fixed
  • Stay informed: Visit www. chalt.org and sign up for the CHALT newsletter
  • Spread the word: Tell your friends and neighbors what is happening and what needs to be done
  • Vote for a change: This November, vote for candidates who will ensure that new development in Chapel Hill serves the public interest. See CHALT endorse candidates here.
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