Northern Chapel Hill

What is happening with our Northern Entranceway?

A gateway entrance into Chapel Hill is proposed to be the site of a self-storage building. The Northern Area Small Area Plan charged with planning this area made strong recommendations for a vibrant, walkable, and pedestrian oriented gateway corner at Weaver Dairy Road and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

The proposed self storage development, 1165 Weaver Dairy Road (WDR), will create a dead zone along the edge of Weaver Dairy Road that will discourage pedestrians and street life.  Additionally, because of the number of curb cuts within a short distance (Timberlyne, Banks Drive, 1165 WDR, Weaver Crossing plus turning cars from MLK) , the proposed project poses serious safety hazards for cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

No one disputes the need for development at this site that contributes to the vitality and energy of the area. Let’s see proposals for this site that reflect active uses for the large number of residents in the surrounding neighborhoods. Just because banks have chosen to lend money for self-storage facilities on their favorite list of developments to back does not mean the banks should design our town!

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