Obey Creek Development Agreement – Quick Facts

What did we say we wanted in Obey Creek?

  • Full citizen participation
  • Mix of uses to increase non-residential and commercial tax base
  • Size, scale and design complementary to Southern Village business core
  • Building heights from 2 – 6 stories with 75’ maximum
  • Transit oriented development – road and bus service that can handle square footage approved
  • New affordable and workforce housing
  • Expanded shopping opportunities
  • Community amenities
  • State of the art stormwater facilities
  • Revenue positive project for the town to help tax bills
  • Consideration of alternatives that would address traffic, design and fiscal concerns

What are we getting?

  • Overwhelming call for smaller project by public and Planning Commission
  • Biggest component is residential – office and retail component reduced
  • Density similar to New York City; building footprint larger than UNC Medical campus
  • Heights up to 155’ on Main Street, 200’ above creek
  • Limited transit to serve new project – will cause increased traffic congestion
  • High-end apartments with few affordable units, no workforce housing
  • Preserved green space with trails
  • No big box store; small local merchants can’t afford this space
  • Release of school site with no negotiated benefit for CHCCS
  • Good protection for water quality but uncontrolled flooding
  • Increased taxes due to capital costs and expanded town services

What are the landowners and real estate developers getting?

Millions of dollars worth of new land entitlements voted for by Mark Kleinschmidt, Lee Storrow, Donna Bell and Jim Ward.

What can we do now that it is passed?

  • A developement agreement is a contract so the deal cannot be renegotiated
  • Write to our elected officials and ask them to insist on the highest level of enforcement during construction; reprogram transit funds for bus transportation
  • Stay informed: Visit chalt.org and sign up for the CHALT newsletter
  • Vote for a change: This November, vote for candidates who will ensure that new development in Chapel Hill serves the public interest. See CHALT’s endorsements here: CHALT.org

Benefits for a few, costs for the rest of us

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