New Erosion Control Measures Needed

Chapel Hill’s Stormwater Advisory Committee has received complaints that sediment is moving off construction sites into our creeks and waterways, such as Evolve, Burch Kove, during construction.  The Board and the Town Council have  received impassioned petitions from Lake Ellen Home Owners Association, Lake Forest Homeowners, and residents downstream of construction projects near Timberlyne.  Much of the sediment has been deposited in our creeks and in Lake Ellen and Eastwood Lake.

The Board petitioned the Town Council and the Orange County Commissioners to take these two actions:

  1. To request that the Orange County Commissioners increase staffing in the Soil and Erosion Control Division.  This division’s role is to review construction plans and inspect all non- government projects in Orange County before the final town permit is issued. Additional resources would lead to more field inspections, a higher level of compliance, and would free staff to perform escalated enforcement as needed.
  1. To improve the efficiency of temporary soil erosion and sediment controls during construction. For example, increase the standard for holding water during construction for the 25 year storm, instead of for the 10 year storm event.

This petition was unanimously passed by Chapel Hill’s Stormwater Advisory Board in April, 2016 and subsequently presented to the Chapel Hill Town Council and the Orange County Commissioners.

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