Plaza Dry Cleaners

Mrs. Honeycutt (owner of Plaza Dry Cleaners where Whole Foods is on Elliott Road) has to have every single thing out of her dry cleaning business by Dec. 31, 2015 according to this report from Molly McConnell. That’s what her daughter who waited on me today told me. I asked if she is going to relocate, & she said no–that her Mom is 65 & the equipment is $100,000 and she can’t afford at her age to take out a loan, etc. She said it will put 17 people out of work. Her Mom doesn’t know if she can sell the equipment or not (it’s a green dry cleaners). Another customer heard us talking & was shocked & wanted to know who to write, and Mrs. H’s daughter said “write the town of Chapel Hill.” Customer said you would think the apartments being built would want and need a dry cleaner there.
Mrs. Honeycutt’s daughter said the owner of the mall said that EVERYONE except Whole Foods in that mall has to be gone with ALL clothing, furniture, machinery, etc, OUT by Dec. 31, 2015. That they want everything to be “upscale” like the apartments that are goign to be built where the movie theater used to be. I said I as told a few months ago that Berkley Grimball had just signed a 3 year lease at huge rent increase, but that the owner REALLY wants to put a restaurant on that corner where Grimball’s Jewelers is. Mrs. Honeycutt’s daughter simply repeated that her understanding is tht EVERYONE but Whole Foods and ALL their belongings must be GONE by Dec. 31, 2015 & that their business alone will leave 17 people unemployed.

Well not only is this lacking in compassion, it just doesn’t seem to make any common sense economically if you are going to get down to the nitty gritty reality and people needing jobs and living and working here. Of course what they have done & are doing to University Mall makes no common sense either to me, I don’t know about to others, but it sure does escape the working class & middle class & retired folks & struggling families what has happened to University Mall, and now to put people out of business on Elliott Road. Mrs. Honeycutt’s daughter said she had worked for her Mom there for 20 years. I am thinking the dry cleaners has been there more like 30 years…


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