Orange County needs affordable transit for all. When CHALT learned about the new 2.5 billion dollar price tag for the light rail portion of GoTriangle’s transit plan, we decided it was time to dig in to the finances and reevaluate if the Orange County Bus Rail Investment Plan would reduce congestion and provide for our future needs. Public transportation is critical for our region and we need the best value from our investment!

Since January we’ve found out that state funding cut backs have raised our local cost for counties for the Light Rail project from 25% to 40%.  We are exposed to several big risks that would drive our local costs higher.  At the March 8th County Commission meeting, we learned that a large part of the borrowing required to fund the local cost share had not been disclosed by GoTriangle, driving the total project cost of the Light Rail alone to $3 billion or more.

Upcoming Transit Meetings.    On April 4th the Orange County Commission will review the findings of the independent financial analysis of the GoTriangle Plan.  We will find out if the plan is sustainable at that time.

On April 18th the County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on making a  financial commitment and approving all the supporting documents. See detailed list of meeting here. We urge everyone who cares about the County’s future to attend this meeting.

What is Bus Rapid Transit?

A cost effective technology is available and Chapel Hill has proactively planned for a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on the MLK corridor between Eubanks Rd near I-40 and Southern Village. Check out this video.

Map of Proposed Light Rail Route

Links About Proposed Transit Plans

February 22, Chamber Transit Presentation

News, Speeches and Research

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